1 Year Online

Posted on March 26th

I cant even believe I am writing this but YES its been a whole year of me teaching Online!! Thank you to everyone who has been part of it, supported me and shared all my stuff

When I think back to this time last year and the amount of fear and worry I had about my business and whether it would survive this lockdown…and here I am now 365 days later and still thriving 

I LOVE what I do and I am so grateful I have managed to keep going online….so Thank You to everyone who chose me to be their Lockdown Motivator and also I am going to Thank myself…why?? Because I have worked my ass off for the past 365 days, overcome obstacles and managed to turn my business around and I am extremely proud of that and anyone who has done the same…be PROUD!!!

I hope I can continue online forever and help many more people 

I dont know what the future holds for me and my business, I dont know where I will be in the next 365 days…all I can focus on is the here and now and keep being the best I can be and inspiring as many people as I can 

THANK YOU to everyone who has been part of the journey

Jen x