10things you dont know about ME

Posted on August 21st

10 Things you don’t know about me (or might not know)

I thought it’d be fun to get to know me and tell you some things you don’t know about me….as much as I use this page for business its nice to share something personal at times.

  1. Im an only child and also an only grandchild
  2. When I left school I did Law and Politics A-Levels as I wanted to be the next Prime Minister (prob still will be one day haha)
  3. Despite my outgoing nature in classes and socially…Im a introvert who loves being alone
  4. Im obsessed with the Moon and all things healing
  5. When I was 21 I lived in Greece and worked in a gym out there, learnt to speak Greek and everything.
  6. Ive been single for 7 years, despite some people thinking Im married haha
  7. I don’t want kids…never ever!!
  8. Ive done Ballroom and Latin Dancing all my live and passed all my gradings to the highest possible one
  9. Im a qualified Life Coach/Spiritual Life Coach

  10. Im a lover of dark chocolate ?

So there ya know….a few unknown facts about little old me

Jen x