6 Packs….do you really want one?

Posted on July 16th

6 Packs can be a big “goal” to a lot of people

Do you know we ALL have a 6 pack?

So you get one….and then what?? Is it for the likes on the gram? Will it make a difference to your life?

Are you doing it for recognition from others?

They see pics of fitness models and so on – over on Social Media and in Magazines and they think they inspire to that because it is the ultimate Health and Fitness Goal

And whilst it is great to have a goal….sometimes we dont realise what actually goes into getting this goal….

So Ill keep this short and sweet

If you really want a 6 pack……no matter how many sit ups and planks you do……you will need to have a very LOW Body fat percentage to even get this…and thats the be all and end all

You can spend all day doing crunches but it doesn’t matter if your Body Fat isn’t LOW enough

And “sometimes” it isn’t actually healthy to get the BF that LOW……

So stop wasting your time doing all these silly ab curls and planks…instead how about chose a new goal of “Health” and just being happy?

Will a 6 pack make you happy? I mean really happy?

And if you are still stuck on getting one…..my biggest tip is LOOK AT YOUR DIET! You need to be at a calorie deficit to be able to drop serious Body Fat

Jen x