About Me

I’m Jen and I help people overcome their Health, Fitness and mindset Obstacles and Challenges to finally start loving who they really are from the inside out – both Online and face to face

My Passion is helping women regain their power and become the best version of themselves and live the Healthiest and Happiest life they can.

My Speciality is Womens Hormonal Health, focusing on Menstrual Cycle and Menopause

I help Women feel Confident, get Fit and have Fun....my Classes and 1-2-1 sessions are all delivered Online 

Its time YOU started to embrace every part of you…YES that includes the so called flaws and the wobbly bits.

Its time we started to truly love ourselves as we are and I am on a mission to do this.

No Crazy Diets

No Crazy Workouts

No Judgements

No Stupid “cleanses’, teas or pills

STOP Comparing yourself to others and those crazy pics you see on instagram and know you are enough just as you are 

Let go of “I’ll be happy when…..” And start being happy NOW

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I’m Jen and I am on a mission to help people Embrace their body and overcome any Health, Fitness and Mindset Obstacles and Challenges to finally start loving who they really are from the inside out..every single bit 

Im here to inspire you and to help you realize how amazing you are. Its my mission to help You fall in ,love with who you are over and over again 

In 2010…I left my job and decided to set my business up, 10 years later and you see this is where I am. Its been hard work, blood sweat and tears…but I am dedicated to helping women lead a happier and healthier life…As I believe that all Women deserve to love their bodies and live the healthiest life they can do

In 2017 my Business changed a little and I have added a more Holistic approach to how I work. I believe in the body as a whole.....physical, emotional and mental body - they all come together and we need to make sure they are all in-tune with each other.

In 2020 we faced the Worldwide Corona Virus Pandemic and I completely transformed the Business to work online...so I suppose you could say I now own an Online Business. I offer 1-2-1 PT, Fitness Classes, Masterclasses and Coaching all via Social Media Channels....this is a part of my business I am excited about and cant wait to continue...it allows me to reach and help more people and I will be continuing with this after this is all over

Women's Health and Fitness is my passion and my speciality is Hormonal Health from Menstrual Cycle to Menopause

I believe we all deserve to live the happiest and healthiest life we can, and I am here to guide, inspire and support YOU on your journey.

You only have 1 Body….Look after it!