And suddenly….it all changes

Posted on June 21st

A few months back I posted about how shitty Id been feeling, how lost Id felt and how just downright sad I felt inside…I didn’t do it for sympathy I did it to the “real” and to hopefully let someone else know they aren’t alone.

Fast forward to today and I couldn’t feel any different if I tried…..I just feel happy….why?? Because I stopped…I stepped back, I took my foot off the gas and I prioritised myself and my feelings, I allowed them to come to the surface and I allowed myself to feel them and then deal with them. I had Reiki to clear my Chakras, I meditated, I went on walks and connected with nature and the best thing Is topped being so hard on myself…I stopped trying to change the past and I stopped worrying about the future…I stated too just live for the NOW….for the day ahead of me and whatever the universe had to offer me.

I feel at peace, happy (as I can be) and content… its all just flowing

I started to appreciate my body and start loving myself a bit more….I had good sleep, Ive spent time with good people and Ive removed myself from negative situations and just started to say YES to things I wanly and NO to things I dont…and its working.

Yes Life isn’t perfect, I can’t predict the future and I dont know what tomorrow will bring, but what I do know is I am worthy of Happiness and Love and I will start with myself and start just being present

The old feelings may come back but I know I can deal with it, accept it and then move forward

This may sound daft to some, but if you are in a dark place (and trust me I was)……step back, take ur foot off the gas and just allow urself to be….and miracles will happen

I hope you are in a good place but if you’re not…Im here for you anytime

Jen x