Are you a “2 Strapper”?

Posted on December 7th

Are you a 2 strapper??
Or do you sling your bag over 1 Shoulder?
Whilst some people may say that wearing your back pack on 2 straps is a bit “nerdy” – who cares?? Isn’t your body worth it?
85% of people will experience back pain at 1 point in their life.
When you wear your bag on 1 shoulder or just 1 strap it can cause a lot of imbalances in the body:
• Puts pressure on your Neck, Shoulders and Back
• It can lead to poor posture and Misalignments in the body
• It will put a strain on the Hips, Back and Core
• Poor posture can lead to problems within the vertebrae and spinal restrictions
• If you backpack/bag is heavy this can also cause problems with the spine and spinal muscles
• It can bring on muscle Imbalances, Strains and Spasms…Headaches and Neck Pain
• This can also cause the shoulders to be rounded and an excessive upper back curve – this can
then lead to problems with discs, headaches and muscular imbalances
By having 2 straps when you are carrying a backpack you will be able to put a stable load on the body and it will be able to distribute the weight load into the Hips, Shoulders and Back.
Also adjusting straps to suit you, the load and the type of bag you have,
It sounds so simple BUT by making these simple change you can literally save your back and avoid any long term injuries.