Are You Ready?….don’t wait until New Year

Posted on November 8th

So winter is well and truly on its way, Christmas is upon us and then it’ll be New Year…now I am all for making goals but why wait until New Years Eve (when normally drunk) and start making goals and promise then….why not start NOW.

You see quite often people think it needs to be this big crazy goal and change and it becomes stressful and too much pressure and then the goal gets pushed to the side and normal life resumes….but really a goal can be anything a small as drinking more water to something big like changing careers/moving house…..but whats the most important is that is unique to YOU, it comes from your heart and you feel it deep inside

Do you already know what you are going to change next year?

Are you waiting until NYE to make that change?

Whats stopping you from doing it NOW??

Just think if you do it (or start it) NOW…you will be ahead of yourself… amazing does that sound?? If you need someone to be accountable to, if you need some help…then email me back and let me know what it is that you WANT NOW….don’t wait until next year, waste no time….its flying after all. Write it down…get it out of your head and onto paper….. You got this

Jen x