Are you ready to shine?

Posted on April 19th

This morning I went to Yoga at 7am and then went for a 6km walk down Otterspool Prom…why am I telling you this??….well read on…

The sun was shining, I seen people smiling, saying our Good Mornings, I seen people running, cycling and out waling their dogs….each and every person had a glow to them, a sense of “Yes the sun is out” and a feeling of happiness surrounded them

Now Im not saying these people are usually miserable, BUT its amazing what a change in weather can do,.

When the sun is shining, it makes me feel alive, like I can take on the world. It makes me want to be outdoors and soaking up ALL the Vitamin D

I definitely think the sunshine makes people happy, it makes you feel good. The warmth on your skin, the feeling that anything is possible, the happiness and the sun warming up your bones…who’s with me?

Make the most of this sunshine…get out for a walk/jog or sit and read a book….smile at passers by and allow the sunshine to make YOU shine from the inside out 

What did I learn from my walk in the sunshine this morning….I learnt that its OK…Its ok to have a wobble, its OK to feel down sometimes But to never forget to celebrate all your wins and to embrace everyday and be utterly grateful for every moment you breath… is sh*t at times, we all have tough times….but when we realize our true potential and we realize just how amazing life really is…WOW its the “Shift”….Yeh I got that from a walk

I got all thats from a walk…why? Because lately I haven’t been too good, Ive been down, not leading from love or form my heart, Ive been leading from fear…full of worry, upset and disappointment….and Id gotten myself into a rut, into a bad place, but on ym walk today something just “clicked” and I decided that from now on….I wont wallow in my sadness, I will use it to drive me forward, I will do everything I want to do and I will NOT let anything stop me….Ive been holding back for far too long now, scared and full of fear – BUT NO MORE, I will follow my heart (but of course take my head with me) and start to see my true potential and go forth with my ideas and make them a reality.

If you take anything from this today…please let it be that a walk does wonders for your mental health as well as your physical

Jen x