Are you ruled by your watch??

Posted on November 9th

Are you being ruled by your watch??

Now-a-days a lot of us have a smart watch/tracker and whilst they can be really helpful and motivational…they can also cause us stress and they aren’t 100% accurate

The calories burnt during a workout are NOT right…they are about 30-40% out, so dont rely on them too much

Also they are often (as per the picture) a little bit judgey 

How dare a watch tell you that you need to stand up or you havnt moved enough today??

There are going to be days we want to rest and not much as much, hey we may even be ill/injured and what we dont need is a watch telling us that we aren’t doing enough or telling us off for not moving enough

Please dont let your watch rule you

Dont let the watch tell you what you have and havnt done

YES they can be helpful for steps and tracking some stuff BUT dont forget they ARENT~ 100% accurate 

A watch shouldn’t rule your day and if you find that these little notifications from your watch are triggering guilt and making you do more than you actually want to – then its time to take the watch off

YOU are in control of what you do and dont do….NOT your watch

Jen x