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10 Reasons why Online Classes are GREAT!

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10 reasons why Online Classes are great!

1. Safety/cleanliness

2. Childcare

3. Get the whole family involved

4. Save time (driving/queuing..)

5. Save money (online cheaper than live classes)

6. Back catalogue of classes to rewatch

7. Pause button-if you want to work on a move for longer or nip to the loo-you don’t miss out. Rewind to watch an exercise again

8. Community and communication with instructor and other members and the ability to share your suggestions to tailor classes

9. No need to book-guaranteed access to classes if you are a member

10. Flexibility to do the classes whenever and wherever you like (most of mine are pre-recorded!) and wear your pjs too! 

Jen x

The Story of OneBody Fitness

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Im Jen and I am on a mission to help people Embrace their body and overcome any Health, Fitness and Mindset Obstacles and Challenges to finally start loving who they really are from the inside out..every single bit! I offer both Online and Face2Face Coaching on a 1-2-1 and Group basis! Something for everyone no matter what your lifestyle is 

Im here to inspire you and to help you realise how amazing you are. Its my mission to help You fall in ,love with who you are over and over again

In 2004 I qualified in Fitness and worked my way up to management 

In 2010 –  left my fitness manager job and decided to set my business up (big risk I know…bout a risk I had to take as I was unhappy), 10 years later and you see this is where I am. Its been hard work, blood sweat and tears but I am dedicated to helping women lead a happier and healthier life – As I believe that all Women deserve to love their bodies and live the healthiest life they can do

In 2017 my Business changed a little and I have added a more Holistic approach to how I work. I believe in the body as a whole…..physical, emotional and mental body – they all come together and we need to make sure they are all in-tune with each other.

In 2020 we faced the Worldwide Corona Virus Pandemic and I completely transformed the Business to work online…so I suppose you could say I now own an Online Business. I offer 1-2-1 PT, Fitness Classes, Masterclasses and Coaching all via Social Media Channels….this is a part of my business I am excited about and cant wait to continue…it allows me to reach and help more people and I will be continuing with this after this is all over

Fitness is my passion….and now I can add my other passion of all this Holistics and Happiness into it.

I offer a wide range of Massage and Holistic Therapies alongside all the Fitness and Wellness Coaching

I believe we all deserve to live the happiest and healthiest life we can, and I am here to guide, inspire and support YOU on your journey.

YES IM 10 This year! Ive been in Fitness since 2004 and fall more and more in love with what I do everyday

You only have 1 Body Look after it!

Kindness Matters – Mental Health Awareness Week

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Next week is Mental Health Awareness Week and the theme this year is “Kindness” 

Next week I will be posting here everyday about Kindness, Quotes and just all things about being Kind

I encourage you to be kind to yourself and others as much as you can

I will be running a Monday Pilates Class and my Usual Sunday Meditation and will base these on Kindness to the Body and Mind

The Monday Class and Sunday Meditation are donation based….I will be popping up a link so you can make a donation (no matter how small) to the Mental Health Foundation 

I hope you will join me in spreading the Kindness Love next week

Jen xx

Exercise is more than just Physical

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Exercise is more than just the physical for people….exercise helps people with their mental and emotional health too and with the gyms being closed this can impact people in so many more ways than just “missing a workout”

For some the gym/exercise is an escape from everything, its a way to feel good on the inside and a way to bring some energy and good chemicals into the body

Exercise has such a positive effect both Physically and Mentally to people and there can be a worry now that now the gyms are gone their Physical and Mental health may take a dip……Id like to reach out to anyone who is worried and let you know I am here to support you in anyway…please drop me a message and let me help you.

I can offer advice for your Physical and Mental health and give you some tips of how you can exercise at home…even for FREE

Please if you are feeling like you may struggle after this news…reach out!


  • Move in anyway that feels good…whilst you can get outside and go for a walk – the fresh air and the connection with nature will having so many more benefits
  • Dont over think it – any form of movement is beneficial
  • Reach out for help – Im here
  • Focus on learning a new skill…maybe cooking, recipes or even meditation

There is so much you can do at home and outside to support your Physical and Mental Wellbeing….the gym is just a tool, but you have the power inside to overcome and go for anything that makes you feel good

Take this time to also look inside and reflect on things, maybe the body also needs a rest physically? Or even just a stretch to some yoga? The options are now endless 

If you can look outside of the box and see what options are available

Please get in touch if I can help (and if you want to join my VIP Online Fitness Studio…just let me know)

Jen x

Positives of Lockdown

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Even though we are in a really weird, scary and sad time right now….its ok to see positives happening….and here are the positives Ive noticed  from Lockdown:

  • People out using their daily outside to go for walks – some who may never have gone for a walk before or those who always “too busy” to do it
  • As above…using the local parks, being in nature – connecting
  • Smiles to strangers – I certainly smile an say good morning on my daily walks
  • Health its being prioritised massively
  • Exercising at home – its amazing to see so many people moving
  • Slower Pace of life for many, we are stopping…no rushing round and learning to be still
  • Making memories with our loved ones
  • Connections with friends and family (yes virtually) but I do believe friendships and relationships will become stronger after this
  • People cooking at home
  • Naps
  • Gratitude
  • Appreciation for others
  • Less Pollution 
  • The Weather
  • Quietness of the world
  • The Sky
  • Priorities changing for the better
  • We are learning what we”really” need in life
  • Making do with what we have
  • Less greed (in the majority)
  • Learning new skills..even if something small
  • People reading more
  • Being present – in the moment
  • Looking within for what really matters

I do hope after this we all have a greater appreciation for the miracle that is life….I hope we carry on prioritising health, living life by our own rules and slowing down the pace a little. I hope we all become more grateful in every way and cherish all those we love…always

That Week before lockdown

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The week before lockdown when I lost every single part of my business…I was so upset – I was just thinking…what has just happened, everything Ive built up in the past 10 years of business was just took from under my feet and I had no control over it

I knew I did have control over 1 thing though and that was that I am going to make this work online…..and right there and then I set up my Online Fitness Studio – I wasn’t sure how it would go, what would happen or even if it would work for me.

Here I am coming into week 6 and its been 1 of the Best business decisions I ever made. I am so happy and grateful I still get to do what I love from home, I can still motivate and inspire people and keep my passion for my job alive.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me on this new journey….for all those who share my posts, tell their friends, have joined my Free group and also to my amazing VIP Members who have joined my Online Fitness Studio – your support is priceless 

I am beyond grateful  for everyone who has trusted me to be their Lockdown Motivator.

What I do is more than just a job to me…its my life, my passion and when I lost it all….I was so devastated and then I flipped it and made it work – it was a risk but it was a risk worth taking

I am going to continue in lockdown and beyond for this Online side of my business, being able to reach out and help so many more people has been wonderful for me.

I will admit its kept me sane too…yeh Ive had my wobbles (like everyone) and some days I feel down and other days I feel up….but we have to ride it out and feel the emotions as they come. For me this has helped massively mentally…giving me a purpose and focus

I guess what I am saying is THANK YOU to everyone single person who is supporting me on this mission… are all amazing and I am so grateful for you all

Oh and Im not ashamed to admit Im proud of myself and my business and what I’ve managed to achieve during lockdown

Jen x

LOVE is always the answer

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Our Hearts
They keep us alive
Ticking away
Sometimes they are happy
Sometimes they get hurt or even broken

There will be bumps along the way in life
Hearts will break
Hearts will heal
Hearts will sing

Never make your heart smaller…even after all the heartache and hurt….you still need your heart to pump away, to heal you, to help you and to shine out to help others.

Every Heart beat
Every Pump
The heart has our back

Always show the vastness of your heart, let it shine, let it beat and let it love

The heart wants us to love, be loved and show love always

Lets keep our hearts beating strong

Never lower your hearts frequency for others
Let the heart feel
Let the heart Love
And let the heart be loved

Love is always the answer

Jen x

Week 2 of Lockdown – do you need routine?

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We are into Week 2 of this lockdown/isolation now and I just wanted to check in with you

I think last week a lot of us were trying to get our head round everything, find a new routine and a new way of doing things…I know I certainly was and now Im into week 2 I feel more organised and ready to get going.

Are you ready to get a new routine going? We are so used to being in a routine with work, school and kids….it can be really hard when its all thrown up and life has to change, but we can adapt and change…we just need to take some time to reflect and think

What have you been struggling with he most?

Quite often when stuck at home with no routine our health, nutrition and fitness can drop off….and do you know what THATS OK!!

If last week you ate all the food, didn’t move and didn’t even get dressed….then thats OK and do you know what maybe your body needed that. If last week you didn’t do any homeschooling ro anything you said you were going to do…then ITS OK

We cant beat ourselves up for what we have done and how we have dealt with this crazy situation…its unknown to us all and we just need to accept that\

Fitness Gains/Weight Loss etc are NOT important right now….so please dont stress yourself over it BUT also if you want to move then YOU DO IT

Week 2 is here and maybe its time for some structure and a schedule….maybe its time to plan your food, your day and get a NEW routine going….take some time today to sit down, reflect and plan a schedule for this week, get a new routine going that will work for you NOW

Dont worry about what you used to do or what you will be doing when this is all over . Plan for NOW, Plan for this coming week  take the pressure off yourself

Do you need some help?

Let me know

You are doing amazingly in these circumstances

Jen x

Its not a competition

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Your feelings are not a competition.
We are all going through something pretty crazy right now and all our feelings are valid no matter are status/job
We are allowed to feel all the feels and all th emotions and thats a given right
All feelings are valid
Please stop making this into a competition and outing people for how they feel
Let people feel
We are all confused/sad/hurt/worried/stressed etc
Just Feel how and when you need to feel
Support one another
Cherish these times that we wont get back
and just be kind!!!!!! (to yourself and to others)