Avocado Love

Posted on July 23rd

I LOVE AVOCADO’S – who else is with me??


Nutrient Rich
Good source of Healthy Fats
Help towards weight loss
Avocado might just help fight inflammation, thanks to its oleic acid content
contains over 20% of your daily dose of Vitamin E which protects body tissue from damage by free radicals, thought to play a role in ageing.
Instead of buying expensive Vitamin E enriched skincare creams, eat avocados or try avocado oil and fight ageing from within!
Helps reduce cholesterol
Avocados contain a good helping of bone-healthy nutrients including Vitamin K, copper and folate.
Avocado extract has been proven to reduce symptoms of arthritis of the bones (osteoarthritis). Thanks to its anti-inflammatory benefits, it may even relieve other sorts of inflammatory-related aches and pains too
Aim to hit your fibre target by eating more avocado – one fruit contains 13 grams, around 54% of your recommended daily fibre intake!
They’re loaded with folate, potassium, Vitamin C and Vitamin B6. – great for expectant mums
Adding an avocado to your lunchtime meal may help you avoid the 3pm slump! Of all three macronutrients (carbs, protein, fats), fat is the most concentrated source of energy for our bodies.
Healthy fats provide a slow, steady stream of energy so you can power right through the workday. In addition, when they’re eaten along with a carbohydrate, they slow the digestion of the carbs, meaning you won’t suffer the energy-zapping sugar crash that typically follows simple carbs like white bread.
Avocados are a great source of the B vitamins, which help you fight off illness and infection. They also give you plenty of Vitamin C and E – both natural immune boosters.
Copper is a brain stimulant, which is why avocados can be classed as a brain food. After all, they do contain almost 20% of your daily copper needs.

Reasons to LOVE Avocado
* No matter what eating guidelines you follow, the humble avocado works for all!
* Avocados are packed with beneficial nutrients to enhance the nutrient quality of your meals.
* Substitute butter and margarine for a healthy spread of avocado. You’ll boost your nutrient intake, and it tastes great! 
* Not a fan of fruit? Avocados are actually a fruit, so they count towards your fruit intake!
* Avocados are always in season so you can enjoy them all year round!
* Known for guacamole, dips, and other savoury dishes, yet avocados are appearing more and more in sweet dishes too. Think chocolate mousse, ganache, smoothies and ice cream!
* They’re low in sugar – They may be a fruit, but they contain less than 1g of sugar per ounce! WINNER!!!!!
* Great Baby Food – They’re firm enough for tiny fingers, yet mash-able and soft enough to be gentle on gums. Rich in healthy fats, fibre, and other nutrients, it makes a great addition to your baby’s first foods.
* Over 75% of the fat content in an avocado is great for your heart! In fact, having more of these healthy unsaturated fats is better for your heart than eating low fat!
* Simply cut an avocado in half, and fill with all sorts of things, even bake an egg in it
* They nourish your brain and nervous system – 1 serving of avocado contains 3.5g of unsaturated fat required for healthy brain and nervous system development
* They make all things creamy and delicious! Add some avocado to smoothies and shakes
* They have more potassium than a banana! – Bananas are known for their potassium content, but per 100g, the avocado fruit contains 485mg of potassium, that’s 127mg more than bananas! 
* They make a satisfying snack – All you need is a little himalayan salt, cracked pepper and a spoon! 
* There are plenty of ways to eat them -You can grill them, bake them, or eat them raw. 
* You can make ice cream with avocado! A brilliant, dairy-free, vegan alternative to store-bought ice cream varieties, simply blend 1/2 an avocado and a squeeze of lime juice with 2 tbsp of maple syrup and 1 cup of your milk of choice. Pour into ice block moulds and freeze. Delicious!