Body Love Club

Posted on May 3rd

Hi Im Jen and I have been in the Fitness Industry for 15 years now. Ive seen it change a lot over the years and I personally have changed as I have grown, alongside my business.

My Mission now?? To Spread Body Love and Body Positivity and show people just how amazing this vessel they have is. Its the only place we will live forever and I think its about time we started to recognise this.

I see it all the time, people who come to classes – not wanting to get by the mirrors, worrying their clothes are too tight in classes and just putting themselves down.

I see it in ME…Ive had some serious body confidence and body image issues – especially more in the last few years. Ive been called a fraud, Ive been called a disgrace to the Industry and Ive been told I am too “big” to be in fitness, how can I inspire anyone and that I should be a lot smaller for all I do……OK first I didn’t ask for the opinions of these people and Secondly how f*kin rude??

How dare anyone say something negative about another human and how they look.

I am on a mission to help people Embrace every part of themselves, YES that includes all the wobbly bits and the things you see as flaws. I am ready to spread the body love and body positivity.

Happiness is NOT a size!!
Losing weight, getting that “ideal” body weight will NOT bring u happiness

“I’ll be happy when” NOW…just be Happy now!!

I’d Love you to share your story below too……

Love You and Your Amazing Body

Jen x