Body Positivity……is it that easy?

Posted on May 22nd

As Mental Health Awareness Week has just come to an end…Ive taken a little bit of time to reflect and see how it impacted myself and those around me.

I was so overwhelmed by the amount of support I received for all my events and for everything I posted on my Socials.

To me this years theme was like it was made for me and it actually came at a bittersweet time….a time when although I am grateful for my body and everything it does….it was also a time that I am feeling really unconformable in my own skin and I hoped that by encouraging others to lose their bodies then I could also encourage myself….and it helped in a way.

Body Image is a massive thing now and it causes so much distress to others and as we have seen causes mental health issues in people and I understand its not just as simple as saying “Love yourself”….yeh its easy to say that but actually doing this can be really hard. Even though I was all about spreading the word…deep down inside Im not really feeling overly body confident.

Working within fitness I am seen at the front…and I am meant to be able to inspire others and right now I don’t feel like much of an inspiration….but that’s ok because I accept that and I know that the love will come back. Its not about “weight” with me….and for a lot of people it’s not about that….we all know when we are “comfortable” regardless of a “number” on the scales….we all have a comfy phase….when we just feel so good in our bodies

What Im saying is dont worry if you are struggling to feel the love…it will come, we just need to start to accept who we are and where we are right now and work from there….not looking back or looking to far forward and just focus on now.

I am so grateful for my body….its amazing and powerful and strong and whilst it may not be the “ideal” that sh*tty social media wants…its mine and its always there for me and it allows me to do so many amazing things an experience life.

Dont stress yourself over loving your body…but we all need to find our own way…however this may be!!

I may sound very conflicting here but Im being REAL…we can’t love ourselves all the time and we need to be aware of this and also be aware that we cant beat ourselves up…,its OK to have these down days, but its how we recover from them that matters really.

Love what you can….when you can
Be grateful everyday for your body

I am on a mission to keep spreading the word, to keep trying and to keep it real always

Jen x