Br Proud of YOURSELF – small business owners this is for you

Posted on December 2nd

During my daily walk today…I done a bit of reflecting and wanted to share – if you have a small business this is especially for you.

I thought back to March and how when this whole lockdown malarky started and how I sh*t myself about my business…about how I was going to survive and I seriously wondered if I would lose my business all together….with a job that was 100% face2face what was I going to do.

Fast forward 8 months later I am still here and business is thriving….albeit in a totally different way than I ever thought and I couldn’t be more grateful…and day know what I couldn’t be prouder either….yes Ive worked my ass off for it BUT Ive made it work

So….my point? If you have a small business and you flipped it and made it work through lockdown, if like me you’ve worked your ass off and made your business work for you and survived all the lockdowns and craziness thats been happening then I just want to say “ BE PROUD OF YOURSELF”….YES, its OK that we are proud of ourselves and our achievements….so maybe tonight just take a BIG deep breath and be proud of all you’ve achieved – because if you business can survive 2020 lets be honest we can survive anything

Give yourself a big pat on the back…and smile

Jen x