Choosing Crystals..

Posted on November 9th

When it comes to choosing Crystals…it can be a bit confusing, so Ive put together a few ways in which you can choose Crystals for you or others

1. You are drawn to one…when you look at crystals or touch them you feel drawn to one and need it in your life…you may not know why at first but it will make sense

2. You know what healing you need in your life….if this is the case ask me and I can advise what crystal you need

3. You know the crystal you want…but arent sure why…again feel free to ask

4. You are gifted one – the person has either gifted it to you for a reason or they were also drawn to it

There are NO rules when it comes to choosing crystals, its such a personal thing

A crystal will always find its way to you when you need it – whether thatd from you chooisng it or someone else

Hope this has helped

Jen x