Crystals, Crystals….Everywhere

Posted on May 4th

I wanted to pop by today to talk all about Crystals.

Do you have a fav crystal? Or do you always find you are drawn to a certain crystal??

There is a reason for this…normally when we are drawn to certain crystals it is because we need the healing energies of that crystal in our lives…and whenever you feel drawn to a crystal I always say “BUY IT” ahah but then again I am a crystal hoarder….but hey who doesn’t love a good crystal.

When you a buy a crystal in a shop always make a put of cleansing it when you get home…if its been in a  shop its likely to have been handled by others and can pick up negative energies…so cleanse it with sage/incense/moon/salt water and hold it in your hands, set an intention and feel the energies.

A Full Moon is a great time to cleanse all your crystals too.

Id LOVE to know what your fav crystal is ….get in touch and let me know

Also…do you find you are drawn to a crystal and dont know why?? Let me know and I can give you some insight

Love and Light always

Jen x