Diet…is this holding you back??

Posted on November 26th

So after a recent survey I done asking people what there biggest struggles where…I decided to do some articles based on all the topics and hopefully give you some tips.

Topic 3: Diet

So lets talk about FOOD (or diet)… people always say “eating healthy is so expensive”….I prefer to see it as “why is junk/crap food so cheap??”… you dont have to have big elaborate meals to be able to be heathy and lose weight

We are easy to criticise the price of “healthy” food…when really I think we should be more concerned as to why the crap/processed and junk food is so cheap….ever considered that???

You dont have to eat like a Queen to be healthy, it doesn’t have to be crazy and hard to make or time consuming… takes a bit of effort of course, but isn’t that worth it for your health??

I go on about “prepping” all the time, but really if you are wanting to lose weight/stay on track and be healthy (and not be swayed by crappy sandwiches at lunch) then you need to prep…it may take time on 1 day…but thats 1 day that could prep 3-5 days of food….that’s worth it right?? You know what’s gone into the food also….so no nasty surprises or rubbish

Here are my TOP TIPS on eating well on a budget
* PREP PREP PREP….yes I go on about it all the time but coking in bulk and prepping for the week ahead…saves serious ££ and time
* Cook in bulk and freeze….that includes soups/stews/curries….cook it all up, lash in tubs and pop in freezer..hey presto
* Only buy what you NEED and not what you want…..and making a shopping list really helps
* Recipes galore…online now it is an unlimited resource for everything and there are soooo many free recipes online….or sign up to my FREE Newsletter/Facebook page and I always post lots of recipes
* Buy frozen fruit/veggies for your smoothies…..or make up ziplock bags of fresh fruit and veg and freeze them and pop into the freezer and take them out when needed…saves them going to waste and you have smoothie bags ready to go (time saving too)

Everything you need is there…its just whether you can be bothered or just wanna keep saying “its not working for me”…..maybe you’re NOT working for “you”…ever considered that??

You can lash all the excuses down in the world…but ultimately YOU have to make the choice, the time and the effort

Jen x