Do just 1 Thing

Posted on January 9th

Do just 1 thing

Are you on the January Health Kick?
Are your trying to do as much as you can to kick start/lose weight/get fit?? Do you know that you could actually be hindering your progress?
Do you know that you could be doing too much too soon?? YES I mean this….. When we start out and we are eager it can be so easy to just want to do everything at once, completely shocking the body and throwing it into overwhelm and turmoil.

Changing our diets completely and throwing ourselves into every class and gym workout we can, trying every stupid crazy diet and detox…….is actually a recipe for disaster
Do you know why many people fail/give up after just a few weeks of making these resolutions??? Because they DONT SEE RESULTS!!! and then they think….well whats the point and then they go back to their unhealthy and lazy(er) ways.

Just do 1 thing each week/each 2 weeks…don’t scare your body or put it in any danger….just do 1 thing at a time, and nothing dramatic!! Listen to your body and write a a list of all the things you wanna change and then work through the list 1 at a time.

Going all in…can make people wanna give up when hey dont see results in 4 days, it could injure you or just tire you out so much and put your immune system in danger.

Try doing 1 thing each week that will take you closer to your goal….remember for results to be long term it will be gradual and it will take time but it’ll last so much longer.

my TOP TIPS for what you could try:
* Drinking more water
* Taking the stairs instead of the lift
* Having 1 less coffee/tea a day
* Swapping a certain snack for something healthier
* Switching dairy options – or even going dairy free
* Adding breakfast into the mix
* Increasing your fruit and veg intakes
* Have 1 less takeaway a month
* Walk more
* Get up that little bit earlier every morning
* Prep your food
* Try that 1 class that you have always said you would

It doesn’t have to be something dramatic

Small Changes lead to BIG results

Consistency wins

Dont give up

Jen x