Dont be scared to lift those weights

Posted on December 6th

Why YOU should lift weights NOW!

Dont be scared to lift weights…..seriously go grab some weights now n throw them around…….Ermmmm well OK maybe not, but really dont be scared to lift weights

Now ladies I am mainly talking to YOU here…in my time in the fitness industry I have experienced so many women being scared to get int the weights area (mainly because of the egos and meat heads haha) because of a feeling of intimidation and then also I know so many women who are scared to lift weights over fear of getting BIG and ending up like Arnie…..OK, now is the time to get that out your head.

Yes it can be intimidating entering “that part” of the gym when all the men are grunting and lashing weights around like they own the place (half of them haven’t got a clue ‘by the way….and have poor technique, but that’s another story in itself)…..and especially if you aren’t sure “how to” use the weights…it can be daunting (if this is the case but you really want to – seek help from a professional….seriously even if its use a few sessions on technique and exercise etc)

Also a lot of women fear the getting BIG muscles and looking “butch” or like Arnie (not my words…the words of people)…but ladies seriously this is NOT going to happen (naturally!!), for one we dont hold enough natural testosterone (women have 10-30 times less than men) in our bodies to be able to do this and secondly a lot (not all…..!!) a lot of men dont even do that “naturally”…so seriously dont be worrying.

So now do you wanna know all the reasons WHY you SHOULD be lifting those weights (yes I hear you cry)

• Revving up your metabolism…the more muscle = higher metabolism
• Build Muscle…for life though, it helps combat a decline in muscle and bone density
• Helps prevent injury….weight training can lead to not only stronger muscles but also stronger tendons and ligaments
• BE STRONG!!! Physically and Mentally
• Fight the Blues….get those happy endorphins going round the body,
• Makes you feel good….boosts your self esteem
• Gives you body awareness – makes you feel more aware of your body and how it moves…and welcome body confidence
• Drop body fat!!! – due to Lean muscle = higher metabolism
• Strength – without the bulk – get muscle definition
• Strengthens bones also = decreased risk of osteoporosis
• Helps with posture – due to strengthening back and core muscles.
• Reduces Stress -its all about those endorphins
• Be better at ur sport
• You will feel better and then look better

Is that enough reasons??

Are you ready to lift some weights?

I encourage everyone to lift weights….the sooner you start as well the easier

If you are worried or unsure, get a trainer…get a few sessions on using weights and a well designed program


Jen x