Dont Buy Into It……..

Posted on March 29th


Do you know what proper pisses me off….”some people” and by that I mean…so called “celebs” or basically just “good looking people” who promote some pathetic, crazy and idiotic product and everyone goes crazy…..its dangerous, daft and just a waste of money…yet everyone wants it and goes mad over it…..and then there is me I work my ass off every single day, I study, I provide good quality classes and I spend all of my time trying to make myself and my business better, I offer what people “ask for” yet they dont buy into the truth…they would rather buy some “celebs” sh*tty product and waste their money…whislt also messing their body up…but hey what do I know??

Do you think these celebs care about you?

Do you think they actually want you to be healthy??

Ermmm I think not

You see…I care, I care an awful lot and maybe thats my problem… I do everything the “right”: way – i get the qualifications, I study, I do the research and I am always trying to give people what they need in order to live the happiest and healthiest life they can…yet here I am struggling to keep my business going and struggling to keep up with these absolutely ridiculous “products” that are being sold by people who quite frankly haven’t got a f*kin clue

Im sorry to be blunt but I am so annoyed right now……I want to help and inspire so many people, I want to help people he happy and healthy and spread the world…Im not asking to be a millionaire but I am asking for recognition and support in what I do.

Right now…I dont know what the future holds but I need to figure it out ASAP

Please dont buy into the crap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Monday

Jen x