Dont Buy Into it

Posted on September 10th


You see them promoting it

You see them tell you all about it

You see them giving you a “link” to buy it

You believe in them

You believe they have tried and tested it

You never once think they are just after the commission from their affilliate scheme

So you MUST buy it?

Because they “look good” and because they have made you believe that you need it

Do they care about you? NO

Do they care about your health and wellbeing? NO

So what do they care about…..?? £££££££ 

Just because a celeb endorses something..doesnt always mean they use it/believe in it/think it works… means they are getting paid for it…being told by their management etc that it must be done

But you buy it…cos they say so and you use your hard earned money to buy into it, to fill their pockets

Will it work? Probably not

Want a better option? Use the money to invest in YOU and YOURSELF in a better way…stop lining their pockets

Jen x