Easter and Chocolate

Posted on March 30th

If you are going to eat chocolate this Easter…I just have 1 tip for you… “dont feel guilty” yes thats right…..EAT IT and enjoy it, because too many of us are stressing out about having the odd treat or some chocolate this Easter.

Yes I am quite aware we should be eating less sugar and that too much sugar can have negative effects on the body, but by depriving yourself completely you are just going to end up miserable

Being health is not determined by the number on the scales or by the food you are avoiding or by some stupid statistic – no health is all about our relationship with ourselves and our relationship with food

So this Easter if you want to enjoy that egg…go for it, just please dont feel guilty or beat yourself up…just enjoy it, savour the flavour and know that its OK

Be healthy in body and mind

Enjoy yourself, dont feel guilty and be health for YOU

Jen x