End of Chapter 1….

Posted on January 31st

And just like that….its the LAST day in Jan!! Literally was just Christmas!!

How has Jan treated you?

I know for a lot of people Jan has been a tough month…..its a time when we have the Christmas Blues, We dont see enough sunlight and get enough fresh air…..payday seems like a million years away and we just feel “down” but dont quite know why

WELL DONE you survived the month…..even if you didn’t achieve anything…so what?? You are here and we gain again into Feb!!

Dont put pressure on yourself…..not even started those goals?? Thats ok….we have another 11 months

Take a big deep breath

Remind yourself of your worth

Close your eyes

Take another big deep breath

Open your eyes

And keep moving forward

Leave behind anything you dont want to take forward into Feb and the rest of 2020


Jen x