Exercise….does it stress u out???

Posted on August 19th


Does the thought of it stress you out?

Dont know where to start?

Worried what others will think?

Will they look at me? Judge me?

Too much confusing info out there?

Not got the time?

Stressed about the thought of it?

Feeling unfit?

Exercise doesn’t have to bring all this to the surface

It shouldn’t add to your stress

We can often over complicate it, think it needs to be something more than it is.

Exercise is simply just moving the body in a way that feels good for you

Need help? – Hire a trainer, Invest in yourself

Dont know where to start? – Trainer/Youtube/Message me

Haven’t got the time? – walk more, take the stairs, get up half an hour earlier

Worried what others will think? – FUCK them

Will they judge me? – who cares? Say more about them at the end of the day 

The though stressing you out?- Go for a walk……oh look thats exercise

Feeling Unfit? – we all start somewhere, and until we start we cannot begin to get fitter

Money a worry? – Walk it’s FREE, Youtube…lots of FREE content

There will always be an excuse

BUT there will always be a solution

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself

Just move…anyway


Take the stairs

Walk instead of email in the office

Park further away

Get off the bus a stop earlier

Take advantage of the lighter nights and go for a walk after your tea

Get out at weekends

Try that class you’ve always wanted to

Do it for YOU and no1 else

Jen x