Exercise is more than just Physical

Posted on May 13th

Exercise is more than just the physical for people….exercise helps people with their mental and emotional health too and with the gyms being closed this can impact people in so many more ways than just “missing a workout”

For some the gym/exercise is an escape from everything, its a way to feel good on the inside and a way to bring some energy and good chemicals into the body

Exercise has such a positive effect both Physically and Mentally to people and there can be a worry now that now the gyms are gone their Physical and Mental health may take a dip……Id like to reach out to anyone who is worried and let you know I am here to support you in anyway…please drop me a message and let me help you.

I can offer advice for your Physical and Mental health and give you some tips of how you can exercise at home…even for FREE

Please if you are feeling like you may struggle after this news…reach out!


  • Move in anyway that feels good…whilst you can get outside and go for a walk – the fresh air and the connection with nature will having so many more benefits
  • Dont over think it – any form of movement is beneficial
  • Reach out for help – Im here
  • Focus on learning a new skill…maybe cooking, recipes or even meditation

There is so much you can do at home and outside to support your Physical and Mental Wellbeing….the gym is just a tool, but you have the power inside to overcome and go for anything that makes you feel good

Take this time to also look inside and reflect on things, maybe the body also needs a rest physically? Or even just a stretch to some yoga? The options are now endless 

If you can look outside of the box and see what options are available

Please get in touch if I can help (and if you want to join my VIP Online Fitness Studio…just let me know)

Jen x