Exercise is what YOU make it

Posted on July 19th

Exercise…its what you make it

OK…so why do we stress ourselves out over going to the hardest class, or having a “beasty” workout…..and why do we worry what other people are doing when it comes to exercise??

And WOW if you are a newbie and thinking of taking up exercise, how intimidating can this be please? Thinking you have to go to 3 classes a day everyday just because some one else is?

Never compare your day 1 to someone else day 100….NEVER!

We are all different

Exercise (imo) is all about moving….just getting more movement into the body

So why do we make it so stressful??

Exercise shouldn’t be a punishment, it shouldn’t be a stressful situation…it should be FUN, something you enjoy

Please….just make it about movement…dont stress out 

If you are NEW…start where You are now and build up…stop comparing your journey to someone else, focus on YOU and YOUR journey 

If all you do now is walk….surely thats better than sitting there an doing nothing??

If you try 1 class a week…isn’t that better than 0 classes a week??

Stop trying to push yourself too much….

Do something you enjoy and something you know is sustainable.

Dont compare your journey to someone else.

Its all about YOU

Jen x