Exercise…its all a little confusing

Posted on November 26th

So after a recent survey I done asking people what there biggest struggles where…I decided to do some articles based on all the topics and hopefully give you some tips.

Topic 4: Exercise

OK….so its kinda a given that if you wanna get fitter (etc) that exercise kinda needs to play a pretty important role….but often when people think exercise they start stressing out and thinking about crazy gym routines, mad classes and hours of endless pain and sweat….and whilst YES some people enjoy that (who??? Haha)…..that isn’t what exercise is about (well not in my eyes anyways)

So lets break it down….how I see it is…exercise is all about moving right??? So as long as you move – then you’re exercising?? Yes….ok now we’ve got that straight…..anything more than that is going to benefit you….so dont start stressing about gym/classes and spending hours of time (you probably dont have) on the “exercise” train

How about just moving??
How about doing something fun??

There is so much you can do – whatever your ability, age or fitness level..so there really is NO excuse.

Here are my TOP TIPS on exercising:
* Quality over Quantity always….its about the quality of a workout rather than how long you spend doing it….so you can actually get a pretty good workout in, in just 30mins, as long as its quality and benefitting you.
* Chose something fun and something you enjoy…after all this is half the battle isn’t it?
* Dont follow the crowd….yeh its great to try new stuff but if it isn’t working for you….what’s the point?
* Get a workout partner…..if thats your thing (its not for me personally)….then you have someone to be accountable to as well.
* Get a Trainer/Coach….if you feel you need that extra help
* WALK…again, always underestimated
* Join that Gym
* Join that Class

Whatever you do…just make sure its for YOU

Jen x