Having a Sh*t Day??

Posted on December 6th

Are you having a Sh*t Day??

Come on we have all been there…even the happiest and positive people have sh*t days and do you know what….I want to let you into a secret….


Yep thats right, it’s Ok to have a shitty day, to have a meltdown or to just feel down…we are human after all and not robots who have to stay on the hamster wheel going round and round pretending everything is ok.

During our lifetime we are all going to have sh*t times/days/weeks/months…maybe some more than others and yes its hard (trust me Ive been here) an we are all going to deal with it differently…in our own way and in our own time…but if I can give your just 1 piece of advice an if you only take 1 thing from the article its that ITS OK TO HAVE A SH*T DAY/WEEK…JUST DONT LIVE THERE, CRY…SCREAM…HAVE THAT BAD DAY AND THEN MOVE ON…DONT UNPACK AND LIVE THERE……

Tough times dont last…BUT tough people DO and you my friend are a tough cookie, whether you believe it or not.

“Im not a tough cookie” I hear you saying….oh but my lovely…YOU ARE….think of all the bad stuff you’ve been through in your life…and look at you now HERE, living and being f**kin awesome…so give yourself a pat on the back and a smile

As the famous saying goes “get knocked down 7 times…get up 8”….its not about how hard you fall…its how quickly you get back up.

We cant avoid the bad stuff, and sometimes we cant control it…BUT we can control how we react and act on it, how we ‘flip it” and try and make a sh*t situation into something amazing….embrace it and know that you will be OK

I know you are probably thinking “well thats easier said than done Jen” – an yeh it does sound easy, but if you believe and you want it to wok then it can

Our thoughts become things/actions….what we think we become, how often have you been in a bad mood and all you can think is negative thoughts…and then the rest of your day follows on this way, or likewise if you are feeling good/good mood and you think positive thoughts and you go on to have an amazing day…it isn’t just a fluke…your thoughts are literally shaping your mood/day/life.

So if you are having a Sh*t Day today….ITS OK!!

Cry it out..fume…whatever you need to day

Tomorrow’s a new day…