Heart Health (Emotional)

Posted on February 2nd

HEART HEALTH – from. A different perspective

Whilst the Health of our heart is often just seen as a physical thing….with the heart beats, exercise and good Nutrition….we also need to make sure our heart is Healthy on an emotional and spiritual level

Our Heart Chakra is our 4th Chakra in the Body and embodies all things Love, Compassion, Kindness and Forgiveness and Healing

We need to also make sure we look after our Emotional Heart Health…lots of things can happen that can throw this Chakra out of balance…anything from grief, heartbreak or just feeling down and not in-tune with yourself

To Keep our Hearts Emotionally healthy – here are some of my top tips:

  • Breathe – seriously take time to breathe and connect to your heart
  • Rose Quartz Crystals – as a crystal or jewellery
  • Get some Reiki
  • Show yourself some Love…be kinder to yourself and take time for YOU
  • Forgive yourself and others…to make space in your heart for more
  • Accept LOVE
  • Give LOVE
  • Write down things you are grateful for
  • Meditate 

Its OK to feel this way, but we deserve to feel and be LOVE always

Jen x