Injuries and the Emotional Response

Posted on November 9th

 Injuries and how it can affect us Mentally…from when we are injured to the recovery/getting back into Fitness

Emotional responses to injury include sadness, feelings of isolation, irritation, lack of motivation, frustration, anger, alterations in appetite, sleep disturbance, and feeling disengaged.

Here are some things you can do to help whilst injured

  1. Set clear and realistic goals. 
  2. Visualise a healthy you. Don’t underestimate the power of visualisation. 
  3. Be optimistic.
  4. Focus on the present moment and what you can do – focus on the things you can control and dont worry about the things you cant
  5. Honour your feelings, its OK to feel different emotions but its important we honour them…writing them down also help – as does talking to someone
  6. Accept help and support. If you cant talk to your family and friends then please always message me, everything is in strictest confidence, Im always here if you ever need someone to talk to
  7. Take control – of what u can control

Getting Confidence back after Injury

  1. Don’t isolate yourself….speak to other girls or even me
  2. Visualise your recovery
  3. Maintain your self-esteem through other means, do other things that make you feel good and confident 
  4. Educate yourself about the injury, and seek out the advice of myself or others in the team
  5. Rebuild confidence gradually…it may take time but just keep doing something everyday
  6. Do not compare your post-injury self to your pre-injury self –  THIS IS MASSIVE!!! The body may have changed, as may fitness…dont try and go back to day 300…start day 1 now and build up, or you may end up a million steps behind

A final note

Injuries can be brutal. They take away our endorphins. They take away our outlet from the real world. They make us doubt ourselves. My take home message, above and beyond everything else, is do not let an injury shake your resolve or make you doubt who you are or make you question your sanity because that’s when an injury has become more than just a bodily menace… are always stronger than an injury and always reach out if you need to

Hope this has helped

Jen x