Instructor Body Image

Posted on June 12th

Ok…so I wasn’t sure if I was ever going to write this but if I am honest its been playing on my mind so I thought…why not because I am sure there are a lot of other people out there who may be feeling the same and dont want to speak up our aren’t sure how to.

Now this is a very personal post and something that has affected me lately.

So last week I was trying on some stuff for my holidays, and I tried on a pair of shorts from last year and I couldn’t fasten them and that was it…final straw…I had a meltdown!!!

I dont train to be skinny and I dont do what I do to be skinny…now I do understand that some people are naturally skinny and thats fine…its not what Im on about

So I have been thinking and there is a LOT of stigma around the Image of Fitness professionals….everyone seems to assume that because you work in the Fitness Industry…you are a size 0 with a six pack….well Ive got news for you that just isn’t the case. You see all these images on Instagram and people are like wow….but half of the time the people in the images dont even look like that. Social media has a LOT to answer for when it comes to the whole body image thing and if Im being honest its never bothered me….I dont really look at it like that, but it does add to the pressure.

Do you know what is TRUE??? That I over train way TOO much… I do about 3-5 classes a day 5 times a week and more if I cover classes, I then train 5-6times a week for myself with a mix of Weights and HIIT Training….I eat at crazy times and between classes (yes its all healthy) but you see I overtrain and my body is probably in a constant state of “cortisol overload”…which is the stress hormone and we all know what stress does to the body… really???

People assume that because you are in the fitness industry you will always be in the best shape ever and that you eat dust and thats it……and that we all become in this industry to be skinny and stuff….WOW!!!!!!

The industry isn’t about that (well not for me anyways) I am what I am, I dont wanna be silly skinny, I wanna be healthy!!! The Goal is Health

Now I train HARD and as well as that I teach about 15 classes a week… a few months back whilst training an older man stopped me at 1 of the gyms and said “You trying hard dont ya, you would think you would be in better shape”….now Im a tough cookie and at the time I came back with a sarky comment, and brushed it off….but I dont care how “tough” you are…that sh*t affects you….Ive had comment likes “you should be like this (holds little finger up) the amount you train” “oh you work in fitness, would never of guessed”……I had a small rant about this on Facebook when it happened…but it goes deeper than that

It is NEVER OK to make a negative comment about someones body image!!! END OF!

Anyways….so yeh it did get to me….so I spent the next morning just staring at myself in the mirror in my underwear just feeling disgusted in myself….I am the first to admit that for the amount I train and how I look after myself that I am not in the best shape I could be in, and I hold my hands up to that….BUT it still hurts when other people notice or make comments.’

I know I could be in better shape…..but I dont ever put myself down about it, well not until all this happened!

Now I am all for who cares what anyone else thinks…but its a game changer when you actually feel that way about yourself too.

Ive NEVER wanted to be skinny…Ive got to much junk in the trunk and I like food too much (albiet healthy) to ever been silly skinny… goal has always been “health” and wellness and just living a healthy life and looking after myself….Im not bothered what the scales say, as long as I feel good, look good and I am healthy and able to live my life……but I dont feel good and especially after comments of late

We all have days when we feel frumpy/fat/bloated and we dont feel our best dont we?? Imagine having to stand up infront of a room full of people and try to inspire them and be the picture of health when you feel disgusted in yourself and you wonder how they must look at you and think “eewww”

Ive never really been self conscious…Im comfortable in my own skin and own it…..but I will admit of late I havnt been feeling too good…..and when people make snide little comments it winds me up to death, now as I said earlier I have had a few comments made to me about how I look and that basically I should be in better shape for what I do…now even though it has gotten to me – I brush it off, carry on regardless still eat and train…..BUT say that to wrong person and it could spiral completely out of control…..and could make someone ill

So my point?? Please think before you comment on some one and their image

Dont think that everyone in the fitness industry is a size 0

People in this instagram posts DONT look like that…..

Stop trying to be someone

Own your SH*T

Have confidence in your body – its an amazing shell that you have to live in……worship it and cherish it and nourish it