Its not always a “physical” thing

Posted on September 24th

When you see a physical change in someone – its easy to see isnt it…..I mean lets say someone loses weight or gets their eyebrows/lashes done or they go and get their hair or make-up done….its a physical change, an instant difference that you can see and notice change in that person.

When you go through a transformation inside or you get a massage or holistic treatment like “reiki” the change isnt on the outside, people may not notice and at first you may not see the change either. You see with Massage and healing type therapies the change is often on a more emotional, mental and spiritual level…..and they aren’t always instant like make-up or a hair do…BUT this doesn’t discredit the treatment at all.

Often when we have a Massage or Healing treatment, we can feel that instant change and benefit and sometimes it may take time for our body to adjust and change…..and these changes are normally subtle and take shape over time and it isnt until someone maybe says something or you take some time to sit and reflect you can be like WOW and you can see the shift the change.

So although the benefits and changes of Massage and Healing are not seen by the naked eye and may not be as instant as others…dont discredit what they are doing on a soul level, what they are doing to heal you from the inside out….I think a lot of the time we get hung up on “physical” and “aesthetics” and we often neglect the inside, the mind and the soul.

Massage and Healing work on a deeper level

Change is there
The Shift is happening

Just believe and let it happen

Jen x