Its NOT just for Christmas

Posted on November 28th

Happy November

Now it would be so easy for me to start saying the usual about the LBD and looking hot in the Christmas Parties……and that’s all well, but isn’t it more important to have this fabulous feeling all year round and to feel good from the inside out?

We all know as the Christmas Parties and Nights outs approach we do our best to…well look our best, we diet (some of us try silly quick fix remedies) and exercise and go in search for that Perfect Dress/Outfit….but why don’t we have this approach all year round.

We should always be striving to be our best and treat everyday as a special day, starting from the inside out….what if everyday we acted like it was a big night out, and we kept this motivation and momentum going all year round. If this happened there would be no need for Strict Crash Diets and Excessive Exercise regimes.

By starving the body, doing these faddy crash diets and undertaking excessive exercise (and I am talking extreme here) you are not actually doing the body any good in the long run….by doing this you can damage organs and seriously impact on your hormones….which let me tell you now isn’t good (but that’s another rant ha)

Make it a lifestyle change and make it something you can sustain and will keep you healthy, yeh sure doing it this way may taken longer but it’ll last longer, wont impact your health and will leave you feeling amazing.

So next time you start thinking about that LBD or Christmas Party……start earlier in the year and keep it going!!DON’T stress about it…..because believe it or not this wont help with any weight loss at all.

Make a lifestyle change….make it last


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Jen x