January Feels

Posted on January 10th

I’m throwing this out there……! As its Jan most people stress and start to wanna lose weight an make changes….I see it every Jan and that’s great…and I admire anyone who makes these goals and wants to make positive changes, BUT please don’t follow fad diets or jump on the drinking silly shakes diets…YES u will lose “weight” initially and then u will think it’s all ok! but this weight loss is NOT always fat, its normally just water…and of course u can’t stay on these silly things for a lifetime….so what happens when return to normal eating? You put it on, sometimes twice as much and the majority if it you put back in is FAT and ur back to square one and the only pounds you will have lost are ££££
YES as I said these shakes/fad diets etc will make u lose weight in the short term….BUT we need to address the bigger picture and start to view HEALTH as a long term lifestyle change we can sustain, an just to add a bit extra, they f**k up your hormones and metabolism….so stay away, be wise….changing ur lifestyle may take a little longer for u to achieve your goals, but in the long run you will benefit….100000% more!!
Is losing weight really as important as health??
Dont buy into it an line their pockets!!! We have food readily available to us – use it!
Be patient!