Learning is a lifelong thing

Posted on May 22nd

Over the past 2/3 years Ive done some pretty intense courses…some people may call me mad, some people may just think Im addicted to courses…..but I am always just wanting to learn, move forward and add skills to my toolbox.

Learning is wonderful…whether its from a course or from other people…I feel each of us has something to learn and something to teach and we should encourage this

The courses have all been intense, there has been times Ive wanted to give up…but Ive carried on and I am glad I have.

I think life is an education and I am always trying to better myself both personally and professionally and I am such a nerd that I love to learn and think this will always be in me…BUT I do think I need a break from the learning….

The courses have all enabled me to become more confident in what I do but also open new doors for moving forward in my career and what I can offer in the future and I am excited about what I can offer

I think I need a break from Education and just allow all my new found knowledge and skills to make their way into my brain and my life and process it all

I dont regret any of these courses but they have caused some stress in my life and as much as Ive enjoyed them…learning to me doesn’t come easy…Im not a true academic…so it takes me a while…but hey we are all different

Here’s to whatever courses may come next haha