Posted on April 18th

So yeh its just a
A pic of 2 trees – 1 without flowers and 1 with…….so what??

Im sure thats maybe that you first thought when you first seen these pics….and yeh initially that’ll it is a tree with and a tree without any flowers….but I see it deeper.

You see we are like these trees…sometimes are branches are falling apart and we feel down and we feel like we have nothing and then suddenly…we bloom, just like the tree, we come alive, we bloom and we start to show the world who we truly are, we grow form within and it shows on the outside

And thats life….

Sometimes we will be down, anxious, depressed and the world will seem dark and dull and our “branches” will feel like they are falling apart


Other times….we will be blooming….literally like the flowers, we will be growing from within and radiating out to the world, coming alive and being happy and content where we are……showing the world and those around us we mean business and feeling the glow from within our “branches” will stand tall and proud and the flowers will blossom on top of that

And thats life…..

Sometimes it’ll be dull and down
Sometimes it’ll be bright and up

Take the good and the bad
Know we have the power within us to “bloom” again

Sometimes we need to get to the darkness to be able to let the light in

Life goes on
Life changes

Just ride the storm

Jen x