LOVE Your Body

Posted on February 4th

Love your Body

Yes you can – regardless of lumps, bumps, curves – who cares?

It’s YOUR body – you live in it and no1 else does…so learn to love it and suck it up buttercup, you have an amazing shell of a body to live in…start showing it some love, instead of finding the flaws and criticising yourself….really look at yourself and smile and see beyond it all.

Love your body enough to NOT restrict food

Love your body enough to NOT see exercise as a chore.

OK…we are ALL guilty of this – of not loving our body’s – of not loving what we see in the mirror in-front of us, aren’t we??

But WHY??? Why do we do this…..those things you say to yourself when you look in the mirror would you even dream of saying those things to the people you love? to your best friend? to your mum? your daughter? NO of course your wouldnt…so why do we say these things to ourselves??

LOVE always starts within

If you cannot learn to LOVE the body you have been given – then no matter how much weight you lose, how much you change your body….you will never be happy until you learn to love yourself first.

There is nothing wrong with wanting to change the body shape/weight etc…Im not saying that but before you start, isn’t it better to show love and gratitude for what you do have..this amazing body, before you start wanting more??

Show the body some gratitude…yes it may not look the way you want it to…but everyday the body allows you to:

Get out of bed
Play with the kids/grandkids etc
Go to work
Go to the shops
Make food

And so much more….

So next time you wanna lash some hate at your body, stop – think and be grateful for all it does for you……

Focus on what you have – then you will have more of what you want

Look at your body and see something amazing
Look at your body and show it some LOVE
Look at your body and smile
Look and your body and be grateful
Look and your body and look into your heart….YOU ARE AN AMAZING PERSON

Jen x