May is Walking Month

Posted on May 4th


May is walking month…and I really think every month should be really BUT we will go with the May walking month and crack on.

A generation ago, 70% of us walked to school – now it’s less than half.

Now-a-days we drive a lot and sit round a lot…what happened to good old walk?

I love nothing better than putting my headphones on and going out for a walk and I love seeing other people on my travels too, and whilst we do all move in some way…..I dont think we walk as much as maybe we used too.

I know life and society takes over and we are busier etc..but are we also lazier?

Walking is FREE, its beneficial to both Physical and Mental Health, makes you feel great, connects you with nature and its just about movement 

“Walking is a man’s best medicine”, said Hippocrates over 2,000 years ago – and a growing body of scientific evidence suggests he wasn’t wrong.

According to one study of 334,000 people by researchers at the University of Cambridge, just 20 minutes a day cuts your risk of premature death by almost a third.

Yet Public Health England (PHE) has found that four in ten middle-aged adults – six million Britons – are failing to manage even one brisk 10-minute walk a month, increasing their risk of developing potentially fatal illnesses.

For most of us walking is as simple as popping on our shoes and walking away, I know this sent for everyone but I speaking about the masses……yet we dont seem to do a lot of it

You dont have to go on a big hike, it can be as simple as walking up the stairs instead of the lift, getting off the bus a stop earlier….deciding to walk instead of taking the car (obv were possible)

Just Move

Get out and walk

Spend time at the weekend with family on a walk

Take the Stairs

Go for a walk on your lunch – get out the office 

Whenever I am feeling in a bit of a fuzz nothing sorts me out like a good walk…honestly I love it….it clears my mind, connects me back to my heart and gets me out of the house and out of the space thats frustrating me….plus I feel energized after it and know I have done positive steps for my Health and Wellbeing 

Do you like a walk?

I dont mind going out on my own and walking….but if you you are worried about this or would rather do it with someone, reach out to me and you are always welcome to join me (weather permitting like, I like to walk but not in the rain haha)

Walking is soooo good for your Fitness, Health and Mental Wellbeing and its FREE, so why not take it up….you got this

The Health Benefits of Walking are endless….everything from helping fight diseases and increasing life expectancy to increasing confidence and making us feel more energised….come on who doesn’t want these benefits??

I think walking is massively underrated and if people went on a walk on ad daily basis they would notice their life dramatically get better, happier and healthier 

Jen  x