Menstrual Migraines

Posted on February 1st

Get the Menstrual Headaches/Migraines?

Hate them?

Ruin your life whilst they are there?

These are common in women during Menstruation but they can be debilitating to some and cause pain, disruption in your day and just sadness

Estrogen plays a role and normally this is down to disruption of the nervous system and inflammation in the body 

During our period we have a drop of Estrogen and when estrogen drops so does serotonin and this results in a increase off chemicals associated with pain

Hormonal Fluctuations can wreak havoc with the body…both physically and mentally 

Here are some things you can do:

  • Journal it and track it…when it happens and then you can be prepared and do the things you need to do
  • Take magnesium supplement – it helps support your immune system and reduce inflammation
  • Turmeric is a natural anti inflammatory and it can be added to food to taken as a supplement 
  • Have an orgasm…research has shown this helps in 47% of cases
  • Yoga
  • 27% of the issues come from food and 38% come from alcohol so have a look at what your consuming – especially around your period
  • Lavender and peppermint topical oils can help

Jen x