Mental Health Awareness

Posted on May 4th

Its Mental Health Awareness Week…although, we should always be aware of this…

In someway we have all experienced it whether it be ourself or someone close….but our mental health is often not talked about and not looked after as much as our physical health…when really its just as (if not more) important……it should be used, and trained and looked after like the muscles…..its our “mind”muscle”

I have suffered from anxiety for a while now….and it happened just after I lost my best friend…my grandad, and my mind has been a toughie to control after this (I had it also as a child after the loss of my dad…but its different as a child) as an adult you know more and it affects you differently….Im not saying this for sympathy, Im saying it to hopefully let someone know they are NOT alone…..I still get bad days now, but I do some things that help me get past to or just make the day a bit brighter…Im not saying these are everything but the things below are things I swear by and that I feel have been truely part of my healing and journey.

I used to think asking for “help” was a sign of weakness…until I had the breakdown and then I realized that it wasn’t a sign of weakness it was a necessity

If anyone is feeling this way, please reach out and get in touch with me, I always want to help people and just give some support 

Fitness….its not all about the physical, but there is a connection

When we think of fitness we often just think of the physical aspects…the sweating, the aches and the grimaces – but its so much more than that!

Your body wont go where your head doesn’t take it…sounds weird I know but its true

How many times has your body wanted to go the gym/class but you talk yourself out of it.

How many times have you been having a bad day and jibbed the fitness?…when really that workout is probably what you needed….they say (whoever they are) that we always avoid the things we really need

Physical Fitness is all the body…the outside an the aesthetics, about fitness, health and progressions and whilst thats amazing – its much more than that

So lets move onto our “Mental Fitness” – very often overlooked and avoided as a “taboo” subject!!

Just as you go to the gym and train your muscles – you need to remember to train what I like to call the “mind muscle” – so by being aware of it, doing stuff that focuses on your mind and helps bring happiness and harmony. yes doing the physical stuff can help with the mind…but we also need to give it some individual attention

There is no doubting that the more you help your body – the more your help you mind…and mental exercise is just as important.

Meditation is one of the best ways of working on your mental fitness and calming the mind…but at the same time its not for everyone.

When you are resting/asleep…quite often the body is relaxing but the mind doesn’t always follow suit.

Keeping your mind fit isn’t as difficult as getting ready for a marathon. You can add mental fitness style exercises into daily life:- Reading, Meditation, Laughing.

The mind-body connection is overlooked but is a massive part of Health,Fitness and wellbeing and is something we need to be more aware of. Our thoughts become things/actions….s what we think we become, how often have you been in a bad mood and all you can think is negative thoughts…and then the rest of your day follows on this way, or likewise if you are feeling good/good mood and you think positive thoughts and you go on to have an amazing day…it isn’t just a fluke…your thoughts are literally shaping your mood/day/life…and then if we dont feel good/happy on the inside then this is going to show on the outside….so see how mental fitness is just as important!!

My Tips:

* Write in a Journal – just get it out your head into paper – no1 needs to see it

* Write 3 things overnight you are grateful for

* Getaway – even if just a night in a hotel, spa day or a walk in somewhere new

  • Work on your strengths – the positives

* Ask for help – it is NOT a sign of weakness

* Dont beat yourself up if you feel this way… ITS OK

* Be kind to yourself always

* Good Nights Sleep – it works wonders

* Meditation (takes a bit of getting used too – I use an app called “calm”)

* Exercise – even just for 10mins

* Good Nutrition – KEY!!!!

* Find a hobby….do something you LOVE, something that makes you smile

* Have some Dark Choc – just a square

* Soak up and enjoy what you already have

* Colour…seriously it helps with anxiety, love my colouring book

* Laughter is after all the best medicine

* Practice Forgiveness – for yourself and others

  • Walk in Nature (seriously this has been a biggie for me)

If you are going through a tough time right now, I send Love and Light to you and wish nothing but happiness for you.

Reach out….to me or someone else, you are never alone

and always remember “Its OK not to be OK”

Jen x