More than a Class

Posted on April 19th

Sometimes a class can be just that – a class and then sometimes it touches your heart in ways you never knew possible

Today I taught my last ever class at Spindles – Ive been teaching my gang for 6 years….we started with just a few of us and the Aqua grew to nearly 30 people a class

We have so many memories, have shared ups and downs together and we have laughed and cried

This group – is more than a class – its a family….a family that met and just connected….this was more than just a weekly class….it was the connection we all had

You see this is where my passion meets my job…not only do I get to teach and inspire people…I got to make lifelong friends

I am so grateful to have met an amazing bunch of people who I know will be in my life forever….and I couldnt love them more

People quite often become our friends under weird circumstances and we build friendships that we didnt know we were looking for

I am going to miss my Spindles gang so much – we will always have the amazing memories and hopefully make a lot more as “friends”

Today knocked me – ME – yes ME – I bloody cried, couldnt get my words out

Thank you to everyone of my class members at Spindles for a wonderful 6 years 

And as the saying goes “we’ll meet again”

Love you all and thank you

Jen xx