Posted on November 11th

So after a recent survey I done asking people what there biggest struggles where…I decided to do some articles based on all the topics and hopefully give you some tips.

Topic 1: Motivation

So I know this is a big one with a lot of people…..saying they have NO motivation….well let me jut say firstly that by telling yourself you have NO motivation….then guess what you are not going to have any, sounds daft but honestly its true….if you keep telling yourself you cant be bothered, or that you haven’t got the motivation,….then you are never going to find it…its that simple.

Saying that…..I wanted to give you some tips on Motivation:

* Find your WHY…..once you know WHY you want to do something, you will find the motivation (why do you want to lose weight/the up/get healthy)
* DROP THE EXCUSES…..stop the boring same old excuses as to why you “cant”……you aren’t fooling anyone
* Plan and Prep in advance…food/gym bag/book onto the class…..make an appointment with yourself for that hour, just like you would with your dentist and doctor.
* Surround yourself with people who will motivate you
* Get a Trainer/Coach – to be accountable to
* Just tell yourself you CAN DO IT….because you can
* Think about where you will be if you start NOW

Motivation can be found from external places…other people and things BUT ultimately it begins with YOU, find out what’s stopping you and get rid of that excuses……

What is it thats stopping you being motivated??
What sh*t story are you telling yourself??

YOU CAN DO IT…you can do anything you put your mind to, so stop telling yourself you “cant be bothered”

If you have a real reason WHY….the excuses will stop and motivation will start

If you need any further help with motivation….you know where I am

Jen x