MY TOP Nutrition Tips

Posted on June 12th

Top 10 Nutrition Tips

  1. Avoid Alcohol & Caffeine – nothing good comes from these, they put toxins into the body, deplete it of all nutrients & give you a temporary high
  2. Remove all Processed Food (inc takeaways) – full of chemicals, E Numbers and rubbish…especially all those microwave meals
  3. Avoid Gluten – its in a LOT of stuff and so many people are sensitive to it, removed it an watch the bloat go – yes this means BREAD!!!
  4. Totally Eliminate Sugar – its the Devil – seriously it is!!!
  5. Replace Dairy with a healthy alternative – Almond, Rice, Coconut, Oat
  6. Eat You Greens – Broccoli, Spinach, Kale, Asparagus….get them in
  7. Eat your “Good Fats” – not all fats are bad
    (good fats: Avocado, Coconut Oil, Nuts & Seeds, Butter (grass fed)
  8. Breakfast – its the start to your day, your fuel – avoid toast & cereals & opt for eggs, good fats and greens
  9. Stay Hydrated – water water water – add lemon/lime slices for refreshment – drink herbal teas
  10. Use Coconut Oil – cooking, hair, skin, smoothies – the uses are endless

Get savvy with labels on food…..its not all about the calories, check the sugar content!!!

Low fat = Chemical sh*t storm – so many chemicals added to make it taste good.

Fat isn’t BAD – yes some fats are (trans fats) but there are good fats at the body needs them

SUGAR is the devil – just get rid

We all know the bad choices we make after drinking alcohol – so dont do it

Give your body what it needs and deserves – Good Nutritious Food, Adequate Hydration and Exercise – its doesn’t have to be complicated