Posted on December 11th

Just seen this pop up on TV
What the actual F**K


We dont eat food to then feel the need to burn it off
FOOD is an essential part of life….
NO FOOD ISNT a reward for being “good” – we aren’t dogs
NO FOOD isnt an indicator of how hard you should then go at the gym

OMG I AM raging!!!!

This is the worst idea ever!!!
In no way does this make sense…..for 1. We are all different so NAH and for 2. Its the worst idea ever…proper tory idea behaviour that!!

We should NOT see food as this
When we eat food, we do it fo fuel ourselves, m satisfy our hunger and cravings and just to bloody enjoy it….we should not be thinking how much exercise we have to do afterwards to burn off what we have just eaten!!!!

This is how people are getting bad relationships with food

If you have eaten something, just be grateful you were able to eat it, enjoy it and get over it!!

DO NOT go out an do some crazy exercise to “burn it off”

(Yes I am aware that being in a “calorie deficit” is whats needed to lose weight but that isnt the point of this rant)

Over and Out

Jen x