Nutrition…its for LIFE!

Posted on August 21st

Im not qualified in Nutrition and I dont claim to be, I know enough to get me by but what I do know is this

Nutrition has a massive effect on Body, Mind and Spirit…both the Physical, Mental and Emotional Body is affected by Nutrition

Your diet and what you eat has a bigger effect on you than you can ever imagine

We all need to eat properly to be able to function at our best…plus medication doesn’t replace real food (now I know in some cases medication is a must…BUT in a lot of cases Nutrition really can be the answer)

Tiredness, Depression, Muscles Aches, Fatigue, Headaches (etc) can all be affected my Nutrition….but they can all be helped with a proper nutritious diet (alongside sleep and hydration)

Pay attention to what you eat and how you feel…notice a pattern?? The food and mood connection is massive…and we sometimes dont see how certain foods can make us feel a certain way….if you notice after eating a certain food that u have a specific feeling/body feels a certain way – then try taking it out and see if you notice a difference. Keep a food/mood diary and see if you notice a pattern

Only eat food that brings you and your body goodness, energy and brings that light inside your body.

Eating crappy/sugary foods? Takeaways? Fizzy Drinks? Greasy Food? Crap?….notice afterwards you can feel heavy/sluggish/bloated/bad skin/mood changes/guilt??? YEP Thats the affect nutrition can have on you

The connection between nutrition and US and a whole goes so much deeper than :”weight loss” so so soooo much deeper and the sooner ask connect to this, the better

Fuel your body with the right stuff and watch it change your life

Jen x

p.s if you are struggling…please seek help from a dietician for a fully qualified nutritionist (please always check their credentials)