Online Classes

Posted on July 16th

For those of you who will NOT be returning to the gyms when they open BUT want to stay fit, do some classes and do it online….my Online Fitness Studio will be staying as I will not be returning to teach in gyms for the foreseeable future.

The Online Studio has 10 LIVE classes a week for just £10 (or £30 for 4 weeks…so u save £10) – if you cant make the classes LIVE – dont worry…the classes stay in the group for as long as you are a member, so you can go back and do them anytime

Join any day of the week

The Classes change every week…no class is ever the same, so lots of variety (HIIT, Yoga, Pilates, Aerobics, Dance, Salsa, Abs, Tone……so so much) Plus you get lots of VIP content, recipes and help from me

All classes range from 30-45mins PLUS you get all the Masterclasses for FREE too as being a member

No Contract..come an go as you please

No Driving to/from classes and worrying about whats going on

Amazing community of fabulous people

If you want to be part of this community then get in touch and come join us

Sound good?? You know what to do