Perception or Angles?

Posted on June 21st

Its all a matter of perception – oh and angles ??

Does ya belly flop out when u sit down “normally/comfortably”?? If YES then so fukin what?? Like 90% of the population then??
So what if it hangs a little?
Why do we use angles an lighting to change how we really look? Who are we trying to impress? What are we trying to prove??

I know sometimes we feel uncomfortable with how we look – I mean Im the first to hold my hands up an say Im not in the best shape of my life an I feel a bit insecure….but am I hurting anyone? NO……we need to stop thinking “Ill be happy when Im xxx size/weight” sorry to burst ur bubble but it doesnt work tha way!! Be happy with what u have now or youll never be happy with what u get!!
Its ok to wanna lose weight/change shape – but its also Ok to just be you – right here and right now

1 fukin body is all u get – start appreciating it!!!