Positives of Lockdown

Posted on May 13th

Even though we are in a really weird, scary and sad time right now….its ok to see positives happening….and here are the positives Ive noticed  from Lockdown:

  • People out using their daily outside to go for walks – some who may never have gone for a walk before or those who always “too busy” to do it
  • As above…using the local parks, being in nature – connecting
  • Smiles to strangers – I certainly smile an say good morning on my daily walks
  • Health its being prioritised massively
  • Exercising at home – its amazing to see so many people moving
  • Slower Pace of life for many, we are stopping…no rushing round and learning to be still
  • Making memories with our loved ones
  • Connections with friends and family (yes virtually) but I do believe friendships and relationships will become stronger after this
  • People cooking at home
  • Naps
  • Gratitude
  • Appreciation for others
  • Less Pollution 
  • The Weather
  • Quietness of the world
  • The Sky
  • Priorities changing for the better
  • We are learning what we”really” need in life
  • Making do with what we have
  • Less greed (in the majority)
  • Learning new skills..even if something small
  • People reading more
  • Being present – in the moment
  • Looking within for what really matters

I do hope after this we all have a greater appreciation for the miracle that is life….I hope we carry on prioritising health, living life by our own rules and slowing down the pace a little. I hope we all become more grateful in every way and cherish all those we love…always