Post Lockdown Fitness

Posted on April 16th

Post Lockdown Fitness

So with the gyms re-opening tomorrow (hopefully for good) please be kind to yourself and your body and dont go in trying to lift the same as you did back when you were going the gym on a regular basis.

Lets not compare this post lockdown fitness to before this all happened….maybe you’ve still been training at home but it may not be as intense as your regular gym sessions…or maybe you’ve not done a thing (and thats OK by the way)…what you cant do is fly into the gym trying to do what you done before

At the same time we need to not beat ourselves up or get annoyed because we may have lost fitness/strength/stamina…yes its probably going to have happened – but so what?? Its really not the end of the world – you can get back there

Here are my TOP TIPS for Post Lockdown Fitness:

  • Start Steady and Slow
  • Take your rest days
  • Listen to your body
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Fuel your Body
  • Dont try and do the same intensity sessions as before
  • Dont worry what anyone else is doing – stay in your own lane
  • Be Kind to your body and your mind
  • Scale back the weights
  • Dont forget mobility and post workout warm down

Please dont beat yourself up for any lack of Fitness over the past 12+ months during this lockdown time…..this iOS something we have never experienced before and if you have gotten through it, are safe and alive then thats all that matters….your Fitness levels will come back and you can do it again