Post Lockdown Nutrition

Posted on April 16th

Post Lockdown Nutrition (I hate the word diet but its what I mean) 

As the Gyms start to open (as do a lot of other things) there may be a lot of thought around Fitness, Health and of course what you are consuming 

My BIGGEST Tip is this……


That is simply the long and short of it……

If you are wanting to be healthy/lose weight – these diets and programs may sound very appealing (its called good marketing) But in the long run they wont help and after you’ve spent (or wasted) all that money and prob yeh lost weight (prob not fat)…then what??

If you are truly wanting to look after your Health, Wellbeing (or lose weight) then make sure you are focusing in what works for you.

One size doesnt fit all….focus on you

Here are my BIGGEST Tips for Post Lockdown Nutrition:

  • Protein with every meal
  • Stay Hydrated
  • Plenty of Veggies with your meals
  • Dont cut out carbs
  • Healthy fats in the body are essential
  • Fuel your body – especially if you are moving more
  • Stay away from stupid fads

Oh and DONT take in-depth Nutritional Advice from someone who isnt a Dietician or Nutritionist 

If I can help in anyway then please get in touch

Jen x